ARO ultrafast optics

Optical metamaterials are usually referred to as specially created nanostructures that have unique optical properties that are not typical for conventional bulk media. Due to the special geometric shape of meta-atoms, the optical response of such structures can lead to phenomena such as optical magnetism or negative refractive index. It has been shown that the unique properties of metamaterials can be used to create so-called superlens, ultrafast optics, invisibility cloaks, and all-optical switching devices.Even though research on laser generation of one-dimensional periodic surface nanostructures (PPNS) under the action of ultrashort (femtosecond) laser pulses (USP) has been going on for more than a decade, the mechanisms of PPNS generation — in particular, the effects of dynamic changes in the optical properties of the photoexcited surface of materials, energy distribution electromagnetic (EM) field as a result of the interference of «USP-SEW» (where SEW is the surface EM wave excited by the USP on the surface), the mechanisms of mass transfer (removal — ablation) of the substance, the optics of the photoexcited nanostructured surface, the appearance of sub-wave (L

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